The Author

Spiti Valley

Vithika Agarwal is a former Miss India (Asia Pacific) and now lives in Bangalore, India with her very British husband and outspoken son. Both of them ensure that there is never a dull moment in her life. From diving in the ocean, to motorbiking on a volcano or climbing the Himalayas these two adventure junkies keep her on her toes constantly. While they are better at most things compared to her, she takes great pride in reminding her boys that she is better than them at climbing mountains. It is the mountains that have her heart and if your messages and calls go unanswered it is probably because she is busy losing herself somewhere up in the Himalayas.

Vommuli Island, Maldives

Writing a book was never a part of a bucket list but then neither was moving to Los Angeles and working for an animation company or moving back to India and creating a wedding planning company. The desire to write this book was born out of her fascination for human relationships and the curiosity to explore the complexity of these relations through her characters.